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So this edition of Magma ends its travels with a series of poems inspired by the experience of circling around — towards or away from — a homely, familial togetherness. Not all poets, new or established, find leaving home either necessary or inspiring. And in his Poetry of Departures he poured scorn on those who "chucked up everything and just cleared off".

So to hear it said He walked out on the whole crowd Leaves me flushed and stirred ….

And Larkin is right to sound a note of caution. So what distinguishes successful poetry-of-travel from unsuccessful? Those were the ten years that followed her move south to Dublin, aged 18, to read English and German at Trinity College. She took a year out of Trinity to live in Flensburg in Germany, spent time in Uist in Scotland and visited Canada her first collection, published in , was called There Was Fire in Vancouver.

Straight after handing in that manuscript, she took off for two years in Japan, followed by two more years in New Zealand. In she received the Patrick Kavanagh Award for Poetry. Eliot Prize shortlist readings.

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The first poem in the sequence, Goldfish , begins,. The black fish under the bridge was so long I mistook it for a goldfish in a Japanese garden the kind the philosophers wanted about them so much gold underwater to tell them what waited in another element like breathing water they wanted to go to the place where closing eyes is to see.

The result is an intense poetry of shifting shapes and luminous images and sounds, very different from the pared-down style of her earlier work. And travelling to Japan was crucial to taking this major step forward, Morrissey told me.

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So I went somewhere I knew nobody. I had no connections with this place. Indeed the poet gathers strength from her past and continues with her poetic endeavours living outside India and by not speaking Gujarati. In an interview with Vicki Bertram, Sujata Bhatt explains how moving out of India made her vigilant to the extent of being paranoid about her native language but she had to take care of the poet inside her: "For me, poetry is a place where there are tensions and contradictions in the language, and also in the things being discussed.

So, yes, I feel that poetry is a place where things can be questioned and examined. Bold pattern. An experiment with poetry and prose results in a unique representation of post-modern chaos.

By Razi Abedi. Eruj Mubarak has come out with a slim volume of stories.


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There is another distinctive feature of these literary pieces. Following the modernistic traditions, the story seems to gradually disappear as we proceed with the book. First few stories have some narrative in them but as we proceed these tend to become more reflective than narrative. In the west, it happened because their intellectuals failed to see a pattern in life and, thus, all main literary endeavours became dispersed meditation. Mubarak Ahmed also had a sensibility like that. He too was a literary iconoclast.

Eruj has carried on his parental tradition, but not in poetry. He chose short story as his medium.

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This impulsive approach to life is not new in our literary tradition. It is the tradition of the ghazal, which wallowed in the abstract-the vague and the meditative. These seem to be spontaneous responses to experience. These may better be called prose poems. Mubarak also debated the nature of free verse and prose poem. Yet another distinctive feature of these poetic short stories is what Intizar Hussain called "blessing of modernism," where even fantasy is lost in the rigmarole of words.

These may be called dream poems in prose, some of which are just nightmares.

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However, these do not entirely miss the real world and its mind boggling realities. The jail, the home and the slum merge and the eunuch, the dwarf and the freakish girl are appropriate symbols of the chaos prevailing around us. By far the most distinctive feature of these poems is the attempted linguistic dislocation.

It is difficult to decide whether this is linguistic, psychological, aesthetic, for merely a fashion and a desire to be a modernist. Intizar Hussain is shocked by this venture. It is strange that he missed the attempted flavour. It is more aesthetic than anything else.

In the first place, Eruj may be influenced by modernistic trend of dislocating language in order to force the complexity of modern life into it. Conventionally meanings are distorted in order to fit them in the poetic form. Now language is dislocated. Still more to the point, however, is the nostalgic love of archaic. The bold experimentation, however, deserves notice as well as appreciation. A word about letters By Kazy Javed. Autobiography in Urdu. Autobiographical literature is nowadays going very popular with our readers. Tariq Salim Marwat finds it difficult to agree with him.

He claims that the first autobiography in Urdu language was penned by one Sita Ram of Raiy Braily who retired from the service of the East Indian Company during the war of independence of and then wrote a book on what he had seen and experienced in life.

His book is no longer traceable but its English translation, made by General Nargate, was published from Lahore in Some literary historians opine that Sita Ram wrote his book in Hindustani language. However, Tariq Saleem Marwat insists that it was written in Urdu which was usually termed Hindustani by the English in those days.

In an article published in the current issue of Atta, Salman Ali has discussed some basic issues related to the writing of autobiographies. Atta is a quarterly literary journal which is edited and published by the Engineer Zaka Ullah Khan from the far-flung town of Dera Ismail Khan. Latest on the bookshelf. Murtaza Birlas' fifth collection of Urdu poetry Girah-e-Neembaz has been published by the Al-asar Publications of Lahore without any interdiction by the poet.

However, it carries brief remarks about the poet and his poetry written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mohammad Ali Siddiqui on the dust jacket. The book contains ghazals written in the refined traditional style with new ideas and contemporary sensibility. The poet's belief in commutability makes his ghazals a delight to read. I quote the couplet from which he has draws the title of the volume. Nakhan pay jot ha qar ada kery kay aye hain.

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Veer Sipahi is counted among the most popular Punjabi language poets. He got a steady job as a postal clerk, and he decided to become a writer. He published his first book of poems when he was 40 years old, Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail He said, "Bad luck for the young poet would be a rich father, an early marriage, an early success or the ability to do anything well.

It's the birthday of author and editor William Maxwell , books by this author born in Lincoln, Illinois Most of his short stories are collected in All the Days and Nights He grew up in a small town in Illinois. His father was salesman on the road for long periods at a time.

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  • He was very close to his mother. He said, "She just shone on me like the sun. He wrote, "It happened too suddenly, with no warning, and we none of us could believe it or bear it Salinger, and Vladimir Nabokov. He said that what made him a good editor was that he himself hated being edited, and so he changed very little. After he graduated, he became a part of the San Francisco poetry scene.

    His first book, Wobbly Rock , was published in He taught poetry workshops at Berkeley, but he became depressed and he moved up into the mountains.