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Complexes are fast and brutally effective, which gets you in and out of the gym quicker. Not everyone has sleds, prowlers or a hill in the backyard to train with.

Complexes and matrices are not only space efficient—they can often be done in a small area—but theyrequire minimal equipment as well. With only one barbell, a sandbag or even just your bodyweight you can knock out an intense workout.

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When performing complexes, I typically prescribe 24 total reps. My favorite options are either four exercises with six repetitions each, or six exercises with four repetitions each. Go through the entire series of exercises, and then rest for the same period of time, or at the most, twice as long as it took you to go through the series. As your conditioning improves, work to decrease the rest period so that you adhere to a work:rest ratio.

This is a super-efficient complex that even the most seasoned iron veteran will enjoy.

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All the big lifts are tied into one awesome series! Week 1: 3 complexes Week 2: 4 complexes Week 3: 5 complexes Week 4: 6 complexes. If you struggle with body fat in the legs, this lower-body matrix will help you blowtorch it like no other! Week 1: 2 matrices Week 2: 3 matrices Week 3: 3 matrices Week 4: 4 matrices. Last but not least, if you want something a bit different, give this sandbag complex a shot. Instead, basic exercises performed in series at a breakneck pace can absolutely help you achieve your goals quickly. For the next month, finish at least one, if not two, of your workouts with one of the complexes or matrices outlined above.

Make sure you do it right. Test yourself with this grueling boot camp workout! The weather outside may be frightful, but soon it will be delightful!

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Kick-start your summer six-pack with this awesome abs plan. The triceps may be an explosive muscle but they can also succumb to fatigue easily, so performing countless amounts of sets and reps may be counterproductive. I recommend both high and low rep sets to trigger maximum growth and ultimate shape. I recommend at least two warm-up sets before entering your first working set. But use your instinct. If you feel that your muscles or joints need more warm-up sets, then feel free to adapt accordingly. During your 2-minute rest period, stretch the triceps muscles to encourage full muscular development.

Once the blood is pumped within the fibers of the triceps, the elasticity is improved and already under expansion due to the flood of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood. The perfect duration to hold each arm stretch is for 30 seconds each. In this workout, we target the rear muscle of your arm, applying stress to all three heads of the triceps with strict form. Complete the three exercises back to back in a giant set manner with no rest in-between, much like a circuit.

Attach a straight bar to the overhead pulley and grasp with an overhand grip two inches apart. Keep your hands level with your lower chest when starting this exercise; keep your elbows tucked tight against the side of your torso. Your back should be relatively straight with your knees slightly bent. Extend the bar down until your arms are locked straight, while still rigid by your sides.

Repeat this movement until failure is reached at approximately repetitions. Tip: The standing cable push-down is an isolation movement that directly targets the outer and medial head of the triceps. Being a cable exercise, you can guarantee constant stress is placed upon the triceps during the whole range of movement when performed correctly.

Select a dumbbell that will allow you to reach failure around reps. Sit on a military bench with your back flat against the vertical pad support. Lift the dumbbell overhead with both palms placed flat against the inner plate surface. Both elbows should be tucked tight to your ears. Beginning with the dumbbell behind your head, extend up and stop three inches before locking out to keep constant tension placed upon the triceps muscles.

The upper arms and elbows should remain static while only the lower arms extend up and down. Tip: Constant tension is harder to apply to this free-weight movement, so be sure to shorten the range of movement slightly once tension feels lessened. Fasten a rope attachment to a high pulley and hold it with palms facing each other.

As you bring the rope down, pull each side of the rope outward toward your thighs. Hold and contract this position for one second before returning to the start position. Aim to reach failure at 10 repetitions. Once failure is reached, try leaning slightly forward. Draw both ropes together until your palms almost touch, and after a five-second rest perform the movement again until failure is reached at an additional 20 reps.

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  5. Tip: By twisting the wrist in a pronated fashion while pulling each rope outward, the contraction becomes accentuated, with more detailed muscle fiber recruitment coming into play. Busting through plateaus can be frustrating, but this article makes complexes seem simple. Burn fat in a hurry and expedite your progress! Attack your arms with Gethin and Team Grenade! Consider that taking creatine for a few weeks can increase your muscle power by 15 percent, or having a caffeine pill before a workout can boost your endurance by a staggering 17 percent.

    Think of it this way: If 12 p. So if vegetables and lean proteins have become an afterthought, then the question that needs asking is: Can a bad diet be made moderately respectable by good supplementing? These supplement strategies can help you improve your health, even if you absolutely insist on eating like a four-year-old.

    Either way you win, and will be healthier and fitter.

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    Sportsman or not, multivitamins are at home in just about every household. They claim to fill in any gaps in your nutrition, not boost sports performance, so their main selling point is actually longevity and an improved ability to fend off disease. Is the science at odds with the marketing claims?

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    In short: multivitamins did nothing. Zero benefit. And you go on to enjoy their steaks as part of your balanced diet.

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    Real organic food guarantees health, but you take a risk by trying to supplement yourself healthy—unless your bedroom is built by NASA. Occasionally getting a little lax with your diet is not just an extravagance, but a necessity. Cheat meals can actually help you stick to your diet, found research at the University of Illinois.

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    The break from restricting calories helps keep you on track. Just as you mentally prepare for your big burger blowout, you should also plan to reduce its ill effects by using these supplements. But what about long-term periods of junk-food binges, such as a holiday, where you regularly visit restaurants and buffets?

    It may not be a great long-term strategy, but it will certainly help you come back from a holiday with a tan instead of belly. If you wash down pizzas with an extra-strength green super-drink then you definitely cushion the blow. So be a man and eat like a man, not a child.