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M: Oh yeah. All the time. For decades! They finally stopped saying it. Then one policeman, his name was — I remember his last name, because it reminded me of a toilet, Mr. Who I never met! S: He was in a Hollywood street gang called The Athenians, who acted as a consultant on the film and played the part of Crunch in the movie.

He helped stage the knife fight — very dark hair, Italian… I just interviewed him. Maila: Laughs I did.

I certainly did. Well, one night, Jack was so excited after he got on the film. There he is in a film studio, stars all around him and Jack is in heaven. I thought, how fitting that Jack would find him to adore. S: Why was he revolting? Maila: Well, he was Sammy Glick. The name has become synonymous with a ruthlessly ambitious go-getter ].

Not everybody likes Sammy Glick. So, Nick Adams told me his life story: how he started in this town, how he first lived in a greenhouse and his slow climb up, but everything about him was so utterly repulsive to me. What is it about him that you like? So, I never saw Nick Adams again. He hung around with Dennis Hopper and Natalie Wood.

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They were a trio. He was a regular at The Honey Hole. Dennis was a very good friend to me. Dennis is very sweet. S: We actually met and interviewed him last Tuesday.

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Did you ever go to any parties at The Chateau Marmont , at the bungalow where Nick used to have regular Sunday afternoon get-togethers? They might have been exclusively all men. M: Not with me. I was not an intimate of his. Tony was like a movie star. Like a handsome young movie actor. Like someone on a white horse.

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He was very glamorous, very all-American and very clean. Just like somebody from Cosmopolitan magazine. That was Tony. Oh, of course. I heard that his second wife had an affair with his son and then they got married, and people thought it was odd, or either shocking, or stimulating, according to whomever was telling the story, but nothing else.

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Did Jimmy ever mention that? S: Do you recall about five days before Jimmy was supposed to be on the Rebel set, he took off and vanished. Stewart Stern told me, Jimmy had called him from New York and asked him if he thought he should do the film. Were you aware of this at all? S: Stewart told me he had some reservations about working with Nicholas Ray.


Jimmy never said anything to you about that? M: Uncharacteristic… Do you know what Jimmy used to do? We never had said we should meet at midnight. Nobody ever said that. It just fell into being. Jimmy found out and it just became a habit.

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So, midnight was the time. Well, for a long while, for maybe ten months, Jimmy came either one minute before midnight, or midnight, or one minute after. He never varied from that.

December 08, 2004

He was never two minutes late, or two minutes early. He just managed to pull up on that motorcycle right at that time. He was meticulous about that. I thought he was just sitting at home watching the clock waiting. In actuality, he was very busy, but if he was in the midst of something, he would cut it short in order to do that. It was a secret pride he took in being so punctual. So punctual. S: Did you see any change in him as success hit?

Once East of Eden came out, it was almost instant. He was suddenly this huge star. Did you notice either any change in him, or in his reaction to the intensity of the sudden attention? S: Nicholas Ray was quoted as saying that after his success, Jimmy could be cruel to be people.

Did you ever see that in him? I was on to him. Over their heads and shoulders!

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He shot up just as I was sinking down the elevator. S: Other than Connie who you met that first day with him, did you know him to be romantically involved with anyone during that period? When he was making Rebel? M: No another blonde girl. She was Swedish. She was under contract at 20th [ Century Fox ] One of those hooker babes that has to entertain the gentlemen from the east. You know, the actress in training.

She looked exactly like Jimmy. What is her name? She kept a diary about how much she loved Jimmy and how hurt she was that he threw her over for Ursula, and she mourned. M: No, she was just a contract entertainer. They went to the road races together and when Jimmy was racing in Santa Barbara — I was there that day.

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Lili Kardell. She was very feminine, very sweet, warm and feminine, and very, very pretty, in fact, beautiful and she had a beautiful body. All curves, just a very beautiful body and she was quiet and sweet, like a quiet pussy cat. Sweet and mellow.