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In a twist, the mafia boss who gets turned in Innocent Blood already controls a nightclub in addition to a large number of other businesses. Vamp had a vampire-owned bar.

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More like a strip club. The ones in From Dusk Till Dawn went even farther downmarket, operating a bordertown off-highway whorehouse. In Queen of the Damned , the vampires use this as places to attract their victims, as there are people who seem to get off on being fed on. Jesse is almost killed after venturing near such a club in downtown London before she's saved by Lestat in the nick of time. Akasha later enters the same place in search of Lestat and soon starts a massacre.

Vampire Dance

Like all the other vampire tropes, What We Do in the Shadows parodies and deconstructs this. There is a vampire-owned nightclub that the main cast frequents, but it's not very good and never attracts a crowd. Because the vampires were all Born in the Wrong Century and are unable to make themselves look socially acceptable due to lacking a reflection, they can't actually get into a real nightclub and have no idea what they're actually like.

In Modern Vampires Dracula himself owns a night club, but the place is obviously for vampire clientele as the only humans are there to be served. Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series owns several, including "Guilty Pleasures" a male strip club where the performers are vampires and shape-shifters , "The Laughing Corpse" a comedy club , and "Danse Macabre" a dance club. Piscary from The Hollows owned one, later managed by Kisten after Piscary goes to prison. Karen E. Taylor's Vampire Legacy series features a vampire-owned night club.

In The Dresden Files , Bianca—a vampire of the Red Court—runs the Velvet Room, although it is more of a high-class call girl ring than strictly a nightclub. The White Court of vampires, who survive on lust and sexual energy , are primarily invested in the pornography industry, but also run the creepy sex club called Zero. When he visits, Harry Dresden recognizes that the name refers to zero boundaries, inhibitions and limitations, but when he sees the purely mechanical acts being performed he realizes that it also means zero fulfillment.

Harry shudders at the thought, realizing that the Club Zero is a taste of what would happen if the White Court ran the world.

Their ultimate goal is Planet Zero. In the Kitty Norville series, vampires owned nightclubs before they were widely known to exist. And since these vampires could hypnotize and play with people's memories, the bitten tend to go home remembering what a great time they had. Lady Crymsyn by P.

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It's both the name of a book in the Vampire Files series and of the club the main character owns for the rest of the series. A variation in Sweetblood. A man who claims to be a vampire holds huge parties at his house for goths and for others who claim to be vampires. In Kelly Armstrong's series Women of the Otherworld , there is a bar that is completely run by vampires in the book Broken.

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The Hollywood Vampires

Marianne Mancusi's Blood Coven series features a nightclub run by the leader of the eponymous coven as a recurring location. Interestingly, the "getting your prey to come to you" aspect isn't really present. Members of the Blood Coven only feed from voluntary donors, who are put through a rigorous screening process, are allowed to leave with their skins intact, and are paid handsomely for their trouble.

Discworld : The Night Life section in The Complete Ankh-Morpork City Guide lists the Heaving Bosom, an exclusive night club run by the Uberwald League of Temperance , which specialises in serving red wine at body temperature and a sort of scarlet absinthe that will probably kill anyone who's alive before they drink it. Biers is a bar frequented and run by The Undead , including mostly vampires and werewolves. The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries discusses this.

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Vampire nightclubs like Fangtasia are much more lucrative than, say, all-night groceries and dry cleaners, which is why vampires tend to own them instead. He's a living human later ghost who caters to a vampire clientele, excluding all mirrors or reflective surfaces from the premises and arranging for the occasional shipment of not-yet-expired plasma from shady blood banks that really ought to be saving the fresh stuff for transfusions, not bar stock. Deconstructed in The Rhesus Chart. Vampires are essentially serial killers , so need to pick victims that no one will miss. That means the elderly or homeless runaways, not pretty young things who can afford to go to nightclubs.

Live Action TV. Janette in Forever Knight owned the night club and popular vamp hang-out "The Raven"; when she left the show, her sire LaCroix took it over and made it more fanservice-y.

Land of the Dead

LaCroix: It's time to peel away the layers and reveal our inner selves. Main article: Hollywood Vampires band. Fab Four FAQ 2. Backbeat Books. The Day the Music Died. Xlibris Corporation. Retrieved 5 August Alice Cooper.

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